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2019-08-05 11:01   来源:育儿网


  KOBOLD可宝始创于1929年的德国,始终坚持为现代家庭提供一站式的家居清洁解决方案。从吸尘到湿拖,地板除尘到床褥清洁,手动操作到自动工作,地面清洁到空气净化,希望为用户送去洁净、健康、舒适的生活环境。本届CBME,育儿网有幸邀请到福维克集团可宝事业部中国区销售总监Thomas Henningsson韩宁生先生,请他为我们介绍可宝的设计理念、传承精神和面对市场变化作出的应对策略。

  育儿网:When mothers choose products for the family, the brand image and word of mouth influence their decisions. How can the brand and the products be used to gain the trust of mothers?


  Thomas Henningsson:The trust comes from confidence in the quality of our products as a professional brand in the cleaning industry. Since 1929, and the launch of our first vacuum cleaner in Germany, we have spent 90 years researching, and developing industry-leading cleaning products. In addition, we have the R&D, production, sales and after sales all within our own company, so we can make sure that on each step we can get the highest quality. This also contributes to the trust that our customers have in us.


  As a German brand, we focus on product quality and carefully design and manufacture each product. Kobold has won various world-class awards, such as the German Red Dot Design, the Plus X Award innovation prize, the Stiftung Warentest independent test champion and others. The Kobold HEPA filter bags have been certified by the German TÜV NORD as suitable for allergic people. Kobold's German quality is in the foundation of our brand and this allows Chinese mothers to trust us.


  Kobold pays much attention to the innovation of products and continues to improve the user experience. In addition to its reliable German quality and thoughtful product design, the brand has been a customer favorite for almost 100 years. Because of its reliable quality, the lifetime of Kobold`s products is incredibly long. Today, in Europe, many families use Kobold products that have been passed down generation after generation.


  Kobold has been in the market for almost a century. While other brands have launched different product lines, we have always focused on household cleaning. For that reason, we have more professional and better household cleaning solutions. Our professional solutions are worthy of the trust that Chinese mothers have in us.



  育儿网:Nowadays mothers` needs in products are changing. How does your company respond to these market changes, and is able to design and develop products that become popular with mothers?


  Thomas Henningsson:We have noticed that mothers hope to use cleaning products to create a healthy environment for children. For that reason, they are very particular about household cleaning and have strict demands for the cleaning equipment used. They want cleaning equipment that is powerful and benefits the health of children, but is also quiet enough so that it does not disturb babies that might be sleeping. At the same time, the pace of life is becoming faster, most Chinese mothers need to take care of both family and work, so they need a cleaning solution that saves time and saves effort.


  [Health] Kobold`s vacuum cleaners have a strong suction power and can perform deep cleaning. They provide an efficient and thorough cleaning solution for hard surfaces, carpets or fabrics, they help users to remove bacteria, dust mites and other harmful particles hidden in fabrics like carpets, protecting children from these pollutants. Kobold continues to use the HEPA filter bag design, this multi-layer filtration structure avoids secondary pollution, and holds back fine dust particles and allergens, ensuring the health of children. In addition to remove dust mites and allergens, the Kobold Air Purifier AP260 ensures clean air in the home. Aside from the usual 3 layers of filtration, it has a 5-stage filtration, is equipped with plasma air purifier technology and the HEPA-AKTIV system to improve purification performance and benefit children`s health.


  [Saves Time] Kobold provides a comprehensive cleaning solution to help parents save time. For example, this year Kobold launched the new SP600 DuoClean that vacuums and mops at the same time. The 2-in-1 system makes it easier to clean and helps parents save time.

  【省时】可宝拥有多款功能全面的家居清洁产品,能够帮助父母们节省打扫时间。例如,可宝今年新推出的Kobold 吸拖一体吸头 SP600,可以让父母们在打扫时更加方便,其“先吸后拖”的二合一功能能够让清洁更省时。

  [Saves Effort] Kobold`s easy to use design helps to save consumers` effort when cleaning. For example, the upright design that Kobold has always used, combined with the flexible brush allows mothers to clean easily without having to bend. At the same time, the design has a lower center of gravity, which makes it lighter and easier to use.


  [Quiet] The Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner pays much attention to noise level. Under the lower brush speed on the carpet the noise level is 75 decibels, and on hard floors 77 decibels. Mothers can use it confidently even when the baby is sleeping.

  【安静】Kobold 无线吸尘器 VB100在噪音处理上花了许多心思,其在低速运转模式工作下,在地毯上的噪音仅有75分贝,硬地也只有77分贝,即便是在宝宝睡觉的时候,妈妈们都可以放心的使用。


  育儿网:The generation born after the 90s has become the most important customers in the mother and child market. The consumption upgrade and the change in their ideas regarding raising a child have promoted the rapid development of the market. Considering these changes, what is the brand strategy?


  Thomas Henningsson:In the face of the changing Chinese market, Kobold has a long history of being open to change, it continues to innovate and develop new products, as well as improve its sales channels.


  Kobold is constantly improving and innovating its products. For example, nowadays consumers are busy with their personal lives and work, especially young mothers, who have to work, take care of their families and children, making the time they have available for cleaning very limited. For this reason, they need a convenient and efficient vacuum cleaner. In 2018, Kobold launched its first cordless vacuum cleaner VB100 to meet market demands. First of all, it has Kobold`s strong suction power, which not only helps to create a healthy environment for the family, but also greatly reduces the time mothers spend cleaning. The upright design makes it feel lighter, and the flexible brush makes it even more convenient. It combines cordless design, long battery life, and a replaceable battery, allowing you to clean whenever you want without having to wait for it to charge.


  In addition, we value the feedback from our customers and focus a lot on our products’ upgrade and renovation to meet the real needs from the customers. The product, SP600 is the update of an old product, compared the old one, both its cleaning effect and operation have been improved. It is a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop that helps users save 50% of cleaning time with a fast mopping solution. It automatically makes the floor wet with a controlled water release so that it quickly dries after cleaning, and mothers can safely allow children to play on the clean floor.

  此外,我们注重消费者反馈及产品的优化升级,今年刚推出的Kobold 吸拖一体吸头 SP600(需搭载于直立式吸尘器VK200进行使用)就是基于老一代产品所作的升级优化升级,相对于老款产品,该产品不仅提升了清洁效果,更优化了操作的便利性。它拥有“先吸后拖”的二合一功能,通过高速往复擦拭的方式清洁地面,可以帮助用户节省50%的打扫时间。同时它新增自动湿润功能,出水均匀,清洁后地面可快速干燥,这样妈妈们便可以放心的让孩子们在清洁过后的地板上玩耍奔跑。

  Aside from changing product demands, mothers` spending habits have changed considerably. Kobold`s sales method focused on product experience has received excellent feedback all over the world, and today, with the increasing popularity of the Internet, Chinese consumers, especially the generation of mothers born after the 90s, have the habit of purchasing on online sales channels. Therefore, Kobold has started to combine online and offline channels, on Jingdong, Tmall and also shopping malls. This year, Vorwerk China also started a strategic partnership with Alibaba to build a new retail solution for Kobold. This cooperation will improve the relationship between our sales advisors and users, it covers our whole advisor network, enabling efficient management in payments, logistics and after-sales services. It provides consumers with a personalized and high-quality retail experience.